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Social Media Recruitment-why you may NOT get the Job

Here is why : Digital Reputations and Networks and their use in what is known as " Social Media Recruitment " Interviewing has ALWAYS been a Two Way Street ! While before, this " Street "had manageable traffic, now it is exploding exponentially. The Social Media Networking we are doing as a matter of routine ( including while we are supposedly " on the job " ! ) , egged on by all the major Sites and the Media is responsible for the "Digital Dirt " we are spreading all over the Digital Highways. And this is the dirt being…
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Jeff Weiner ( LinkedIn CEO’s ) ideal World

Jeff Weiner - CEO Linked in says " Imagine a world in which every job opportunity, full-time and temporary, was digitally searchable and linked to the appropriate company and skills required to obtain the position. Now imagine if the 153 million people in the workforce -- or billion people in the global workforce -- had a digital profile, highlighting their experiences, skills and, most importantly, their ambitions. Each of those individuals would be empowered to develop their professional identities, networks and knowledge and subsequently not just find jobs, but also map and fulfill their ideal career paths. Qualified candidates could…
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