Inspite of all the advances in Technology and developments such as E Recruitment, Social Recruitment etc., the plain old CV still remains a candidate’s first ” Foot in the Door” for any opportunity he applies for.

Everyone at some point in their Career will have to create a CV. And within bounds of his/ her competencies will have to attempt to make it outstanding so that amongst the many ( sometimes hundreds ! ) of Competitors it stands out. if no one is bothered to read your CV, rest assured you will NOT get interview calls !

At the same time, if the CV can not be easily transmitted to the Recipient or parsed by “Resume’ Parsing” software many , many companies are having now or does not seem immediately relevant to the Recruiter it may STILL be rejected without a second look in the nano second times we live in.

So, in essence, we are talking of THREE  CVs now ! :

1)  A ” teaser” so as to say which grabs the attention of  the Recruiter/ Resume Parsing Software making it rank high on the Skill Sets relevant to the job.

This can take the form of a Cover Letter, tailored specifically to the job.

2) An OUTSTANDING CV which creates lasting impressions since presentation matters. This is all the more important in Creative Roles, IT Roles but can be adapted to ANY function, actually.

3) A detailed CV which takes over when the Recruiter or the Software can not read the Outstanding CV ( technical limitations, perhaps ), or wants a more ” Traditional CV” which can be spliced/ diced per their own requirements easily.

Enter the Visual CV – simply put it is a means to put forward your profile in a visually compelling fashion so as to make a strong impression.

It can be as simple as a PDF file, moving on to Power point Presentations or even Flash Animations on the Web. And this is NO more the domain of only the ” technically advantaged ” . If you no longer can make / get made such CVs you may already be losing out.

Here are some examples of such CVs, in different formats.

1) Michael Anderson’s CV

One of the first ” Infographic ” – it went viral on the Net  when first made in July 2008 ( so, you see, if yours is not yet Visual you have a lot of catching up to do ! )

2019 update : The CV is no longer available on the Net  except as archival images. So, maybe it worked !

2) Fredd’s CV

I had pointed it out many months ago- since then Fredd, it seems , is well settled in his new job ! Find our post at :

3) Jeremy Baker’s CV

A great example of  a Visual CV of a Marketing professional ( although perhaps I’d put my achievements before my qualifications, perhaps…)

4) Jordan McDonnell’s CV

Highly creative – AND for a Sales Role, it seems !

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