The Salary Question !

Negotiate Better your Salary ! This is one of the most asked question by pretty much anyone involved in the Recruiting process - whichever side you are on.  And does lead to sometimes rather bad consequences- ultimately for the candidate. Different people have widely varying takes on this. Some say don't talk about it, leave it for " later ", employer should not be asking about it anyways, name a "higher" figure since invariably there  will be negotiations later, be armed with salary information of that company before hand .......etc., Here is my take  as a Recruiter. CAVEAT : This…
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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Equal Pay !   Fairness. Equity. Wage why does he get more than I do for same work ? Questions we ask/ get asked pretty often. Sometimes with no easy answers. So from where and now does this concept of fairness in workplace arise ? Well, it seems we are " prewired" for this - and not the only ones ! So now you know why you get that feeling of jealousy :-) By the way this is a SERIOUS study done on Humans' sense of " Fairness" which found this sense pervades many animals too ! Find more on…
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Experiences !

A Bird In Hand….negotiate your Salary well….

Time : Circa January 2012 The Salary Question!   Assignment :  Quite an interesting one, for a CRM Administrator ( Our Job Reference JXGPR/09 .. still floating on the Net somewhere ! ) Found Mr. N after quite an extensive search due various constraints of the Client ( location, budget ... ) . Mr. N was  unemployed at the time and keenly looking for a good opportunity ( was he lucky ? ) . Phone interview followed up with a personal interview for which he was called at Company Headquarters and lodged in Company Guesthouse. Not a v. good fit.…
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