Jeff Weiner – CEO Linked in says
” Imagine a world in which every job opportunity, full-time and temporary, was digitally searchable and linked to the appropriate company and skills required to obtain the position. Now imagine if the 153 million people in the U.S. workforce — or 3.3 billion people in the global workforce — had a digital profile, highlighting their experiences, skills and, most importantly, their ambitions. Each of those individuals would be empowered to develop their professional identities, networks and knowledge and subsequently not just find jobs, but also map and fulfill their ideal career paths. Qualified candidates could easily ask their connections about existing opportunities, apply for those jobs at the click of a button, and request introductions so they’d never go into a potential employer cold.”

And I responded :

Hardeep Sodhi
As an ” HR Guy ” I sympathize with what Guido says and love his statement ” We need to get past the all the alphabet soup” . But how ? When so much ” (terabytes ? ) of this soup is being added to everyday, is being encouraged by all ( think Job portals with multiple CVs, for example ! ) Make everything perfectly searchable and you end up increasing the fluff being passed about, waste that much more time and resources in validating the same , and ultimately, like water, bring every job except some very few to the ” lowest” bidder, with lesser and lesser jobs going around ( others being passed on to automation ) to an ever widening pool of- apparently – qualified people. This is what is inexorably happening. Add to this an ever increasing global population and Malthus comes to mind !

to a Post by Guido :

Guido T.
Director Materials Research at Lambda Science, Inc.

I agree with some of what Jeff is saying but not all of it. There are other issues here. I am not an HR professional or educator. So my view is somewhat different. I think many of those 3 million unfilled jobs are to do HR minutia. When I read the job solicitations they are so detailed specific I don’t not even bother applying. The granting of certification after certification which has become and industry in and of itself, for example “certified program manager certificated required” is becoming ridiculous. We need to get past the all the alphabet soup. General classifications I can understand, for instance your not going to hire an electrical engineer for a chemical engineering job. Of course related experience is good too. What ever happened to Masters of Mechanical Engineering and 25 years of diversified project management experience in the Automotive, Aerospace and Telecommunications industry. The disconnect is not that there are not people who can’t do the job, It’s the people reading the resume do not extract the applicable skills and say hey this guy can do the job.

Any thoughts on the Vision ? Please share !