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The RIGHT Resume’ – The TPR’s view

Resume's, CVs, Bio Datas, Career History - many names are put to this Document which is – supposedly – the starting point for anyone looking for a “ Better Career ” than his / her present one .And there are several websites , consultants and softwares claiming to deliver THAT resume which will get you YOUR Dream Job ! Some of them are free – except for your time – and some of them cost you a fair amount of money ! But MOST of them do NOT consider what could be a critical link in your Job Search –…
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Liar Liar ….pants on fire ?

Honesty pays. Don’t lie. Be Trustworthy. I remember there was a time values such as above were taken as a given. And a deviation was punished. Strictly and swiftly. Many of “my” generation would recall ( I surely :-)  ) the times we stood on our school benches - or were given a good slap - to atone one of corresponding sins. Which is why perhaps, even now most of us would try not to deviate. What now ? Just focusing on the Job / Recruitment Industry, here is some interesting data for you ! Check out   which says…
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This Is NOT An Actual Job Application Submitted To McDonald’s – but FUNNY all the same !

The McDonald CV that was NOT !- but funny still!     There are different variants of this floating on the Net - some say an application for McDonald's from a 17 year old guy who ended up getting hired. Well , the truth is it was made in 1997 - almost pre-historic times, , and is still funny !   Taken from : And for more " analysis" you could see : So here it follows - maybe some inspiration for some ? ====== NAME: Greg Bulmash DESIRED POSITION: Reclining. Ha ha. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was…
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