Liar Liar ….pants on fire ?

Honesty pays. Don’t lie. Be Trustworthy. I remember there was a time values such as above were taken as a given. And a deviation was punished. Strictly and swiftly. Many of “my” generation would recall ( I surely :-)  ) the times we stood on our school benches - or were given a good slap - to atone one of corresponding sins. Which is why perhaps, even now most of us would try not to deviate. What now ? Just focusing on the Job / Recruitment Industry, here is some interesting data for you ! Check out   which says…
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Is “Social Media” Getting You Jobs ? – Partial Survey Results ( please participate ! )

Is Social Media getting you jobs ? And what is more important -doing your job well or spending time on Social Networks trying to increase your " Social influence" ? And in any case just HOW do you increase your social influence ? Well, to get some facts on at least one aspect of it, we started a Survey in 2014, the results as on early July 2014 are : Survey Results as on 4th July 2014   To get the current picture, I have REVIVED the survey and  you can find it at : Title : 'Effectiveness of Job…
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Do technical job interviews need to change?

Interesting post which could be of use to all in the IT  Recruitment IT companies these days put a lot of effort in hiring the right minds for their firms.  Top IT firms these days want to suck up the most brilliant minds in the competition back to their offices. These students are the ones who were excellent (more…)
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Confidentiality – the Recruiter’s View

Sealed Lips Sink No Ships ! Confidentiality - The Recruiter's View Do these Scenarios sound familiar ? A)  You call up a Recruiter for  position advertised. Express your interest and need to know the Company Details. But Recruiter says he cannot tell you that. Instead he asks you to mail in your profile. B) A Recruiter calls you up. After some preliminary discussions, when you ask for the Company Name , he declines and says will revert if " further interest " No doubt this is frustrating. Why does the Recruiter  do that? At the same time, in such a…
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Career Tips

Learn which Job posts to apply to get a reply !

Learn which Job posts to apply to get a reply - and forget those which lead nowhere ! Learn how to write the Right Job Ad As a Recruiter we obviously give Job Advertisements in various media . And also observe a LOT of others . Frankly, to us, many Job Advertisements seem to exist just to gather some "data " and keep everyone in the process "busy" - for reasons I have yet to understand fully ! On the other hand, if the Objective is to get the Right Talent quickly, a Job Post has some ESSENTIALS.  These are…
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