Why training matters

 The Importance of Training On Training     Here is a very effective "dialogue " to ponder over whenever you as a CEO/ Employer are wondering whether all those training costs are worthwhile ! The CFO to the CEO :"What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?" The CEO : 'What happens if we don't, and they stay?"
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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Equal Pay !   Fairness. Equity. Wage why does he get more than I do for same work ? Questions we ask/ get asked pretty often. Sometimes with no easy answers. So from where and now does this concept of fairness in workplace arise ? Well, it seems we are " prewired" for this - and not the only ones ! So now you know why you get that feeling of jealousy :-) By the way this is a SERIOUS study done on Humans' sense of " Fairness" which found this sense pervades many animals too ! Find more on…
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Experiences !

Recruitment Conundrums .. your views please !

Recruit Well ! Recruitment is a strange, crazy world ! Over the last few months we have come across the following two situations , both for a Head HR Profile, with different Companies . Put down here in bare facts, with no embellishments . Position A Middlish Industrial Company seeks  a Head HR due fast growth and very ambitious growth targets. The CEO is clear in the mandate .. Do NOT show us CVs which we can anyway find at different Job Portals, various Networking Sites such as LinkedIn etc. Send Profiles of people you have personally met and strongly…
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Musings !

What is Linkedin Upto ?

LinkedIn Source : Russ August & Kabat Has Filed A Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Claiming LinkedIn's Email Practices Violate State And Federal Laws A nationwide class action lawsuit filed by Russ August & Kabat challenges LinkedIn’s disturbing practice of accessing users’ third-party email accounts (, Google's Gmail, Yahoo! Mail) without users’ consent, harvesting email addresses that appear in the account, and sending multiple reminder emails ostensibly on behalf of the user advertising LinkedIn to non-members.  The class action lawsuit charges LinkedIn with violations of federal and state law. Source Document : Which is also put in Linkedin Case Action Case…
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Career Tips

Social Media Recruitment-why you may NOT get the Job

Here is why : Digital Reputations and Networks and their use in what is known as " Social Media Recruitment " Interviewing has ALWAYS been a Two Way Street ! While before, this " Street "had manageable traffic, now it is exploding exponentially. The Social Media Networking we are doing as a matter of routine ( including while we are supposedly " on the job " ! ) , egged on by all the major Sites and the Media is responsible for the "Digital Dirt " we are spreading all over the Digital Highways. And this is the dirt being…
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