About My Top Job
About My Top Job

Welcome to My Top Job ! Thank you for making the effort to come here in the ” nano second ” internet times we live in  ! Here what this website is about, along with some background information and an invitation !

This small Website is the effort of someone with about thirty years Corporate experience in India and abroad in different positions and roles. And with twists and turns that happen sometimes in life !

I started my recruiting business in the year 2000, with blessings and good wishes of all. Particularly my mother who was the major partner in the company MMM Incorporated that we formed. A website was made in early 2001 ( with a domain of www.m3inc.net ) that I continued with till about early 2012. The Wayback Machine ( https://web.archive.org/) indicates here is how it looked in October 2003.

Then this website mytopjob.in went live in November 2011. The Wayback Machine ( https://web.archive.org/) indicates here is how it looked in August 2012.

During this time (from 2000 to 2012) , I and my team worked on sourcing middle/senior management talent for major corporates in India and abroad. Was a great experience. However, while we were a team of six by about early 2010, I was getting involved in other activities. My mother suffered a stroke in 2006 and became bed-ridden due an operation being performed to reduce risk of stroke ! Various aspects of the operation and medical practices that we noticed at the time got me interested in Law, particularly Consumer Law. Further, the high unawareness of ‘general’ public as well as difficulties faced by the stroke affected and their caregivers made me highly determined to raise stroke awareness and make attempts to help stroke survivors and caregivers.

I finished my LLB from Delhi University in 2014, and given my background of Electrical Engineering could venture into the fascinating field of Intellectual Property that keeps me partly busy presently, along with practice of law and the cause of raising stroke awareness and helping stroke survivors and caregivers. And my everlasting interest in the holy grail of all humanity – giving and getting joy !
If you are interested in any of these, hereunder are Websites I maintain on them that could be of interest to you.
Law for All : https://lawforall.in
Stroke Support India : https://strokesupport.in
The World of Intellectual Property : https://ipworld.in
Get Joy – the holy grail ! : https://getjoy.in
Join, share, use, comment in anywhere you wish to ! And you are welcome to contact me anytime you need any legal/ IP related services.

Regarding Recruitment, I reduced the same as health of my mother deteriorated and took my major attention. My mother expired in May 2012, and by 2014 I stopped executive recruitment as a means of living. Still I have kept this Website active more out of a personal interest rather than a commercial one.

The present Covid pandemic has impacted every aspect of life and livelihood. Roles and expectations have turned topsy turvy and only the very nimble – executives as well as organizations- will survive and grow. The changes are very far reaching and for sure will last even after this pandemic, hopefully, diminishes or is over. I thought of putting whatever resources and experience I have to good use by offering free use of them to the community- kind of a giving back gesture. So am re-activating and re-purposing this Website.

This Website already as quite good career related information which will be frequently updated. Besides, I am always open to questions regarding career advancement and to share my experiences regarding same. Please see the Contact Us page page to know how to reach me by phone /WhatsApp and via this Website.

Likewise, if your organization has tasked you with getting good, cost-effective, reliable and stable talent in these very uncertain times I could help you too, free of cost, with effective strategies. Find how to reach me via the Contact Us page for that and I will get back to you earliest.

Finally, as yo no doubt know developing your Career ( as well as your Organization) is a continuous effort- here is a small Video to motivate you along .


Hardeep Sodhi

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