Welcomes YOU ! Thank you for making the effort to come here in the ” nano second ” internet times we live in  !..

Purpose :

To provide Top Professionals seeking a better Career  several avenues for the same via us – a provider of Top Talent for Top Jobs !

Why and How :

It is a War out there – a war for Top Talent and Better Careers . And unlike before, this War is being fought out in a VERY cluttered cyberspace. A  space which is extremely confusing and noisy, for all the participants. As a Recruiter for Top Talent with experience which spans from “pre Internet ” days I  know how it was, and also can visualize how it is going to get worse.

So how does one STAND OUT in this Environment  to become the preferred Talent  ?

Howsoever crowded and cluttered Cyberspace becomes, one thing will not change – everyone likes to deal with people they “know” at least to some extent beyond just some data on a CV or an anonymous HR Executive   .

And My Top Job Engage exists precisely for this- to provide it’s members opportunities to engage in a limited, controlled environ unlike platforms which have become so bloated that no one has any idea now what is happening – you know what we are talking about !

With the ultimate objective that they STAND OUT  in all aspects of a Selection process for the Top Job they aspire for !

We encourage Top Professionals ( generally, Middle Management level upwards … ) to register and start building their profiles and visibility here. We work along with them to creatively provide them many avenues for same like participating in ongoing discussions, standouts, getting known as an Industry / Subject Matter expert. And as we “know” each other better , certainly for the openings we handle we focus more on such people.

Besides, during critical times of their Career, members can call us for suggestions and advise to help them along.

Accordingly, engage with us and others here as much as possible – some here could be your potential next employer too ! . And in case you want to start a Discussion Topic/ write an Article yourself, let us know after registering yourself. We would be very happy to provide this platform to you !

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Hardeep Sodhi