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Human Resources Head, 18 years experience, Rs. 30 lacs per annum

Senior Human Resources Head  with 18 years experience across some of the best Industrial Companies in India Strong skills in all aspects of HR. Candidate Reference :  NR 6701 Present Salary : Rs. 30 lacs per annum Present Location : Punjab Locational Constraints : None, would depend upon the opportunity Outstanding Career Achievements : •    Implementation of Balanced Scorecard. •    Revitalising Performance Management, •    Succession Planning, •    Coaching & Mentoring Initiatives. •    Long Term Settlement •    Implementation of Productivity Incentives. •    IT enablement of workflows, •    Performance Management System, •    Implementation of Business Excellence and end to end employee life…
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Try not to bounce much :-)

" A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss " Thoughts after just getting off the phone from a candidate - GOOD fit to what I have BUT changed jobs only 4 months ago - pity !.... If you are in a Sector where jobs are arolling - or you have some skills in rather high demand you maybe able to pull off frequent job changes . BUT when the tide turns - as it WILL- those same changes will come back to haunt you ! As a recruiter it is amazing to me how many people are still applying within a…
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