The Salary Question !

Negotiate Better your Salary ! This is one of the most asked question by pretty much anyone involved in the Recruiting process - whichever side you are on.  And does lead to sometimes rather bad consequences- ultimately for the candidate. Different people have widely varying takes on this. Some say don't talk about it, leave it for " later ", employer should not be asking about it anyways, name a "higher" figure since invariably there  will be negotiations later, be armed with salary information of that company before hand .......etc., Here is my take  as a Recruiter. CAVEAT : This…
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An Interview, Once , Somewhere Oh So Loooooong ago …….

Interview- as it was and as it STILL is !! One upon a time oh so looong ago ..... A " Job Interview " was on ! BBC, with its considerable capabilities has been  able to resurrect it. Using my "inside connections" with BBC, have managed to bring it here ... Just so you my friends, can know that the "fundamentals" never WHAT Lessons do YOU take from this Video ? Feel free to put them in my LinkedIn page so that others also benefit. Thank you !
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Experiences !

A Bird In Hand….negotiate your Salary well….

Time : Circa January 2012 The Salary Question!   Assignment :  Quite an interesting one, for a CRM Administrator ( Our Job Reference JXGPR/09 .. still floating on the Net somewhere ! ) Found Mr. N after quite an extensive search due various constraints of the Client ( location, budget ... ) . Mr. N was  unemployed at the time and keenly looking for a good opportunity ( was he lucky ? ) . Phone interview followed up with a personal interview for which he was called at Company Headquarters and lodged in Company Guesthouse. Not a v. good fit.…
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