Is Social Media getting you jobs ?


And what is more important -doing your job well or spending time on Social Networks trying to increase your ” Social influence” ? And in any case just HOW do you increase your social influence ?

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Add titleIs “Social Media” Getting You Jobs ? – Partial Survey Results

Well, to get some facts on at least one aspect of it, I did a Survey in 2014, the results as on early July 2014 were :SurveySnap14-07-04

Survey Results as on 4th July 2014

The Question asked was : If yo have ever applied to any job via a Social Media site, what was the BEST result of your application(s) ?

Above / Hereunder are the Results as in July 2014 , for your own conclusions  :

Exact Field summary for Result
Question : What was the BEST RESULT of your Application(s) ?
Answer Percentage
A Job Offer (Off) : 6 %
An Interview (Int)  : 6 %
A Call / E-mail from the Advertiser (Call)  10 %
NOTHING Happened ! (Noth)  24 %
Not Relevant since Never Applied to Any Job via any Social Media Site (NR) 54 %

This is the Response Summary of one question.

So, out of the people who APPLIED, nothing happened to about 50% of the people.

Maybe I will revive the survey soon, to get the present situation in 2020-2021 !

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