Sealed Lips Sink No Ships ! Confidentiality – The Recruiter’s View Do these Scenarios sound familiar ? A)  You call up a Recruiter for  position advertised. Express your interest and need to know the Company Details. But Recruiter says he cannot tell you that. Instead he asks you to mail in your profile. B) A Recruiter calls you up. After some preliminary discussions, when you ask for the Company Name , he declines and says will revert if ” further interest ” No doubt this is frustrating. Why does the Recruiter  do that? At the same time, in such a scenario, how does a Candidate ensure HIS interest and confidentiality ? This does take a certain ” finesse” on the part of  consultants and frankly not many have it, we know. Or. does Confidentiality not matter at all ? In our opinion – and experience – confidentiality in your Job Search as well as Recruitment is of utmost importance. Particularly for Senior Level positions. And there could be very sound reasons the Recruiter chooses to remain ” tight lipped” This Post addresses some of them so that Candidates can appreciate the recruiter’s position better.  Here they are : 1) Competition

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