” A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss “

Thoughts after just getting off the phone from a candidate – GOOD fit to what I have BUT changed jobs only 4 months ago – pity !….

If you are in a Sector where jobs are arolling – or you have some skills in rather high demand you maybe able to pull off frequent job changes . BUT when the tide turns – as it WILL- those same changes will come back to haunt you !

As a recruiter it is amazing to me how many people are still applying within a few months of shifting to a new job ! It can only mean one of the following :

  • You feel the grass is ALWAYS greener on the ” Other Side ” !
  • The present job was taken up without much thought , or under some ” pressures “
  • Having taken up the present job, you realized quickly it was not what was promised, or that you are not up to it – which points towards lack of due diligence.

Fact is, none of the above reasoning is going to cut very well with the CV Screener / Interviewer.

And ” higher ” up the ladder you are, more critical does this factor of stability become.

So think well before applying for that ” next green garden  ‘

What are YOUR Views !

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