Negotiate Better your Salary  !
Negotiate Better your Salary !

This is one of the most asked question by pretty much anyone involved in the Recruiting process – whichever side you are on.  And does lead to sometimes rather bad consequences- ultimately for the candidate.

Different people have widely varying takes on this. Some say don’t talk about it, leave it for ” later “, employer should not be asking about it anyways, name a “higher” figure since invariably there  will be negotiations later, be armed with salary information of that company before hand …….etc., etc…

Here is my take  as a Recruiter.

CAVEAT : This applies to Junior/ Middle level positions. For Senior Level flexibilities are higher – both ways ! And for those, salary would NOT be normally the reason an offer is not given or declined.

Fact is EVERY Company with more than even 5 people at a certain level has a Salary Structure for the same.. WHATEVER the Company / Recruiter may say beyond a point this structure is inviolable. For the simple reason that if a Company has been able to get people sufficient for its purposes , say, for eg. at Rs, 3 lacs per annum , they would simply not pay the new guy Rs. 4 lacs per annum. Because :

a) It would prove that the HR people / company did not source properly / negotiate hard enough.

b) Create dissonance at that level , clearly telling people that Loyalty does NOT pay !

Fact also is, in  case you are being contacted by a Professional Company/ Recruiter, this angle has ALREADY been factored in. They know the Budget and if you are earning more than that, most probably you are NOT going to get called for an interview, even if you are prepared- for whatsoever reason – to work at salary LESS than you are presently earning.

Further, in case you are being handled by a professional recruiter  for a specific, valid, live position he is handling :

a) He has ALREADY checked your Present Salary and Expectations. He knows expectations are within Client’s Budget.

b) In his submission to the Client he has already indicated the above.

c) The Client has already factored this before even calling you for the interview ! NO ONE wants to waste time !

So, whichever way, if you have reached the Interview stage via a thought out Process being handled by professionals, this issue is pretty much already DECIDED !!

Hence, better strategy is to keep the focus on the Company, Job responsibilities, Scope for advancement etc. rather than the Salary. And in case asked, just RECONFIRM what you told the Recruiter / Company earlier ( you remember that, don’t you ? ) .

And what happens if you have reached this stage without revealing / being asked your Present Salary and Expectations ?

Well, sorry to be harsh, but chances are very high this is going to be a ” no win” situation- or is, for the time being, just an exploratory talk where this issue will come up.

If it does, what you say will really depend upon how badly you want the job. Your present salary you can not hide. So the only leeway you have is on your expected salary. Which sometimes, you can simply ask the Company ” What is your Budgeted Salary for this position ” ? And many a times you will get a clear reply, more so if the Company wants you on board.

What you do from this point onwards depends upon you.

And here is an actual negotiation that went wrong !

Thanks much for the Question, btw , Rajeev. Hope have been of some help !

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