Some mistakes are all it takes …..

typosEnglish is indeed a complex language. However, communication skills – which includes proper writing skills are one of the key attributes now of any Executive / Managerial job and are expected to be good, if not excellent.

Not only in your CV,  in your daily written reports the mistakes you make convey impressions. And some of these can be VERY damaging to your career and promotions, without anyone even bothering to tell you about it !

In our job as Recruiters we obviously see CVs  ( aka as bio-data, curriculum vitae, precis…) .. a LOT of CVs !

So, it is but natural that we also see a LOT of mistakes. If there are only a few ( maybe not more than 2-3 ) in a candidate’s CV that is sometimes passed over,  given also that most Indians are non-native English speakers.

But if in the same CV we see many, it does imply either :

  • A careless attitude or
  • Lack of English communication / grammatical/ spelling skills.

Both of which are really not good signs. Quite frankly, it does make the Recruiter VERY uncomfortable with the Candidate. If the candidate can not be thorough in the only tool he has when he applies for a job, how thorough can one expect him to be during the whole selection process and finally on the job ? Given that all Computers now have spell checkers, such mistakes are all the more grave.

At the same time, PCs are NOT human, and can make mistakes. Sometimes with strange / hilarious results. So it is always better to :

a) Read a rough draft of your CV

b) Have someone else read your CV – that someone should be better in English than you !

c) And if the above two steps reveal many mistakes in your profile, it is time to work on improving your English too !

Hereunder is only a small compilation of the spelling mistakes we commonly see in CVs.. ( all will be cleared by the Compooter ! ) . Check yours against them..

  • Your PC doesn’t know as it is not bright – Rite is NOT how you write right 🙂
  • Is your MARITAL Status showing up as MARTIAL Status in your CV ? 🙂
  • Career showing up as Carer, courier or carrier ? – spell check your cv & cover letter MANUALLY to avoid such bloopers !

We will be adding more as we go along. Send in yours and we will put them here and on our Twitter channel with proper attribution ! Here is the link !

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