My Top Job Services for Freshers

Being a Fresher is an exciting as well as a confusing and difficult time . Your studies are complete and it is time to enter the Corporate World – a World quite different from that of Academics, whatever be the the “exposure” your academic studies may have provided  you.

It is also a time of INTENSE competition. While your academic performance counts it is NOT the only thing. Your personality, confidence, communication skills, presentation, general knowledge etc. count a LOT , as you may quickly realize.  And it is also a time when a “wrong” decision may cost you a lifetime of waste !

And, to add is the “Catch 22 ” situation every fresher faces ” to get a job you need experience but to get experience you need a job ” !

Our Corporate experience of about 30 years, of which almost twenty has also included recruiting people ourselves as well as assisting them in getting jobs in top companies – across all levels – is available to all freshers in their endeavor to get and develop further a good career. Our efforts include a mix of  services via the Net as well as physical interactions across Delhi / NCR Region.These include :

– CV improvement and guidance

– Interview tips

– Personality Development

– Communication skills, including Business English

and many more.

Many such services are FREE and others available at cost basis, simply as a public service. And provided in a fun yet learning environment.

For eg., if you are weak in English you can just join our FREE Twitter Service for the same via :

So, if you are a Fresher or a person with upto two years experience and interested in knowing more ,  please provide details as in form hereunder and let us begin !

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