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Relocation !

Don't Be Lost !   At least he is honest ..although he could always find out ... :-) On the flip side, always be traceable even if you have  keep your CV updated with your latest contacts, for example ! Have funny recruitment / career cartoons to share ? Post the link the comments and we will put them up !
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Career Tips

The Shoes Salesman in Africa !

The Shoes Salesman ! A Shoes Company sent its Salesman to explore business in country in Africa.  The Salesman on his arrival walked down the road, and saw the people there who were mainly tribal. Walking barefoot with no shoes. And no Shoe Shop there either ! Disappointed at what he was seeing he sent a telegram to his boss, "EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO SELL FOOTWEAR HERE. NO ONE  EVEN KNOWS ABOUT SHOES ! The Boss asked him to return and instead sent his Star Salesman in his place. Walking down the same road, this Salesman saw the same things. Too…
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An Interview, Once , Somewhere Oh So Loooooong ago …….

Interview- as it was and as it STILL is !! One upon a time oh so looong ago ..... A " Job Interview " was on ! BBC, with its considerable capabilities has been  able to resurrect it. Using my "inside connections" with BBC, have managed to bring it here ... Just so you my friends, can know that the "fundamentals" never WHAT Lessons do YOU take from this Video ? Feel free to put them in my LinkedIn page so that others also benefit. Thank you !
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