Just off the phone from the  Managing Director of a Company . Interesting lesson learnt, so thought of sharing ! Hope it helps your Career along

Right References Count !
Right References Count !

We are working at a Senior Level position. Today was the second round of interview for one candidate of ours. Candidate knew someone ( say Mr. ” X” )  in a Company ( say ABC Ltd. ) the MD had previously worked for. And in passing, ( to enhance his credibility, perhaps ? ) mentioned this to the MD. And reconfirmed  that he knows Mr. “X”  very well who is working in ABC Company.

What he did NOT know was that Mr. X had left ABC two months ago and in fact was now working someplace else, fact which the MD knew very well !

Result: Candidate has been dropped, one of the factors being he doesn’t know his referees well !

Was the MD right or wrong ? I have no ides on that. Except to suggest PLEASE know well the  current status of people you want an interviewer to refer to  – be in regular contact with them -before you start giving their references out !

Feel free to comment in !

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