Question :  Hi,I want to share my resume’ in this site topjob.  Pls guide me.Thanks

Don't be lost in the Crowd - Stand out !
Don’t be lost in the Crowd – Stand out !

Some thoughts on this :

a) This  is an ENGAGEMENT platform. You engage here with us (and thereby raise your visibility with us as well as others ) by :

  • Commenting on what is posted.
  • Asking Questions
  • Maybe even writing articles yourself in your field of interest/ expertise ( talk to us separately for that ).
  • Telling us about your special achievements – your ” Standouts ” which may be featured in a separate section.

All above can carry a Link to your LinkedIn profile- so , anybody interested in knowing more ( including us ) can just hop over there !

b) Once you have registered and login, in the Top Right Hand Corner you can see a “Drop Down ” menu with a link to ” Edit My Profile ” – follow that and you will see several options. Some of them are not fully functional yet, but planned.

c) HOWEVER, we are NOT competing here with Job portals – Resume’ storing and searching is NOT the objective . The objective is for us- and others – to know people on a consistent and ongoing basis which , to my mind, is far better than static pieces of data entered into a Job portal, competing with zillion others. We of course in such situations will have a clear preference for people we ” know” . Won’t you ?

d) Our Newsletter carries on a monthly basis some Career Opportunities we are having at the time. You can subscribe to the same simply by clicking here !

One of these days I am going to get around to writing a long article on storing resume’s and it’s short comings. Till then, hope above suffices !

Any thoughts ? Comment in !

And thanks for the question Pratibha – sorry this got somewhat delayed !