Do technical job interviews need to change?

Interesting post which could be of use to all in the IT  Recruitment IT companies these days put a lot of effort in hiring the right minds for their firms.  Top IT firms these days want to suck up the most brilliant minds in the competition back to their offices. These students are the ones who were excellent (more…)
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Starting a New Section – Learning English !

English is critical to a good career nowadays ! Yet, in our daily experiences we are seeing SO many examples of incorrect English - sometimes plainly BAD - that we decided to have a separate section for the same . So this Category talks about Learning English - in a fun way, and with many situations pertaining to recruitment and careers. You can also join us ( FREE ! ) on a separate Twitter Account for the same  : Of course , our usual channels are as before and under. ALL are FREE - join in and develop your career…
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