An Expert Engineer in Business Land…

The Expert Engineer The " Expert" An Expert Engineer has to many times face up and reconcile to people for whom sales and business are paramount and who expect the " expert " to do anything ! Here is a hilarious yet very familiar scenario similar to those played out very Sure it is exaggerated a bit, but gets across the point very well. Enjoi !
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This Is NOT An Actual Job Application Submitted To McDonald’s – but FUNNY all the same !

The McDonald CV that was NOT !- but funny still!     There are different variants of this floating on the Net - some say an application for McDonald's from a 17 year old guy who ended up getting hired. Well , the truth is it was made in 1997 - almost pre-historic times, , and is still funny !   Taken from : And for more " analysis" you could see : So here it follows - maybe some inspiration for some ? ====== NAME: Greg Bulmash DESIRED POSITION: Reclining. Ha ha. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was…
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How to explain Career Gap and establish suitability for the job ?

Mind The Gap Question : I am a MBA Graduate passed out in 2012. I worked in a distribution company as Administrative Executive for 8 months (January 2012 to august 2013) I didn’t taken any certificates like offer letter, reliving letter. After a long gap now I am searching for job in Human Resource Department. Can you please help me out on : a) How can I handle the interview without certifications and b) How can I self check whether I will suitable for the department or not?   Answer a) It depends upon how was your parting with the…
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CV Tips


Market YOURSELF !                         Market YOURSELF with an OUTSTANDING CV !! Inspite of all the advances in Technology and developments such as E Recruitment, Social Recruitment etc., the plain old CV still remains a candidate's first " Foot in the Door" for any opportunity he applies for. Everyone at some point in their Career will have to create a CV. And within bounds of his/ her competencies will have to attempt to make it outstanding so that amongst the many ( sometimes hundreds ! ) of Competitors it stands…
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