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The RIGHT Resume’ – The TPR’s view

Resume's, CVs, Bio Datas, Career History - many names are put to this Document which is – supposedly – the starting point for anyone looking for a “ Better Career ” than his / her present one . And there are several websites , consultants and softwares claiming to deliver THAT resume which will get you YOUR Dream Job ! Some of them are free – except for your time – and some of them cost you a fair amount of money ! But MOST of them do NOT consider what could be a critical link in your Job Search…
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Liar Liar ….pants on fire ?

Honesty pays. Don’t lie. Be Trustworthy. I remember there was a time values such as above were taken as a given. And a deviation was punished. Strictly and swiftly. Many of “my” generation would recall ( I surely :-)  ) the times we stood on our school benches - or were given a good slap - to atone one of corresponding sins. Which is why perhaps, even now most of us would try not to deviate. What now ? Just focusing on the Job / Recruitment Industry, here is some interesting data for you ! Check out   which says…
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Is “Social Media” Getting You Jobs ? – Partial Survey Results ( please participate ! )

Is Social Media getting you jobs ? And what is more important -doing your job well or spending time on Social Networks trying to increase your " Social influence" ? And in any case just HOW do you increase your social influence ? Well, to get some facts on at least one aspect of it, we started a Survey in 2014, the results as on early July 2014 are : Survey Results as on 4th July 2014   To get the current picture, I have REVIVED the survey and  you can find it at : Title : 'Effectiveness of Job…
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CV Tips

CV Writing .. done the right way ?

CV Writing- the right way ?   CV Writing .. the  right way ? Quite true actually, and well put :-) I have seen  many, many pretty similar .  Supposedly from "professional" resume writing services . Personally, I feel it is better to be true to yourself rather than stuff your CV with jargon and keywords maybe even you can't substantiate / know the meaning of !  Long experience tells us that is the right way to Want another viewpoint ? is just  another link quickly found from Googleshwar ! : So what is YOUR opinion and experience ?…
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Why training matters

 The Importance of Training On Training     Here is a very effective "dialogue " to ponder over whenever you as a CEO/ Employer are wondering whether all those training costs are worthwhile ! The CFO to the CEO :"What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?" The CEO : 'What happens if we don't, and they stay?"
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