This Is NOT An Actual Job Application Submitted To McDonald’s – but FUNNY all the same !

The McDonald CV that was NOT !- but funny still!     There are different variants of this floating on the Net - some say an application for McDonald's from a 17 year old guy who ended up getting hired. Well , the truth is it was made in 1997 - almost pre-historic times, , and is still funny !   Taken from : And for more " analysis" you could see : So here it follows - maybe some inspiration for some ? ====== NAME: Greg Bulmash DESIRED POSITION: Reclining. Ha ha. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was…
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How to explain Career Gap and establish suitability for the job ?

Mind The Gap Question : I am a MBA Graduate passed out in 2012. I worked in a distribution company as Administrative Executive for 8 months (January 2012 to august 2013) I didn’t taken any certificates like offer letter, reliving letter. After a long gap now I am searching for job in Human Resource Department. Can you please help me out on : a) How can I handle the interview without certifications and b) How can I self check whether I will suitable for the department or not?   Answer a) It depends upon how was your parting with the…
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CV Tips


Market YOURSELF !                         Market YOURSELF with an OUTSTANDING CV !! Inspite of all the advances in Technology and developments such as E Recruitment, Social Recruitment etc., the plain old CV still remains a candidate's first " Foot in the Door" for any opportunity he applies for. Everyone at some point in their Career will have to create a CV. And within bounds of his/ her competencies will have to attempt to make it outstanding so that amongst the many ( sometimes hundreds ! ) of Competitors it stands…
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Confidentiality – the Recruiter’s View

Sealed Lips Sink No Ships ! Confidentiality - The Recruiter's View Do these Scenarios sound familiar ? A)  You call up a Recruiter for  position advertised. Express your interest and need to know the Company Details. But Recruiter says he cannot tell you that. Instead he asks you to mail in your profile. B) A Recruiter calls you up. After some preliminary discussions, when you ask for the Company Name , he declines and says will revert if " further interest " No doubt this is frustrating. Why does the Recruiter  do that? At the same time, in such a…
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