A Personality Framework – where are you ?

A client and a good friend shared an informal Personality Evaluation Framework recently which they use during their Selection Process . I think it is pretty neat and comprehensive. So here it is,for all to bear in mind ! Basic Intelligence Maturity Energetic Fully Execution Oriented - takes responsibility rather than pass the buck Passionate about his/ her field. Team Player and Supportive. Grooms rather than withholds Resilient and emotionally stable Authentic Absolute Integrity
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My Top Job is here !

We HAVE the Top do we Have YOU ? It is very satisfying when you see your imagination slowly taking shape ! Very laborious too ! What your brain can visualize in maybe minutes takes hours for this Computer / Word Press Thingum to shape out ! Of course one learns in the process. Which, could also be, a high! So here goes the latest iteration of all above and more !
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