Career Tips

Keep a Career Diary !

In the very fast paced time we seem to be living in, I wonder if any one keeps a Diary anymore ? We seem to be doing all our sharing immediately on  “ Social “ networks rather than within us in a more reflective mode. Yet, I think keeping a " Career Diary " only for yourself can help one in life as well as career. Here is how ! a) Venting  A Career Diary Bad day at work ? Boss snarled at you ?Juniors stinking you up ? Your journal can take your response to all this – and…
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Try not to bounce much :-)

" A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss " Thoughts after just getting off the phone from a candidate - GOOD fit to what I have BUT changed jobs only 4 months ago - pity !.... If you are in a Sector where jobs are arolling - or you have some skills in rather high demand you maybe able to pull off frequent job changes . BUT when the tide turns - as it WILL- those same changes will come back to haunt you ! As a recruiter it is amazing to me how many people are still applying within a…
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