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How ?

This page describes HOW to use our Services to your benefit ! Please read carefully !

a) ENGAGE with us

We are increasingly focussing  more on candidates who are frequently engaging with us. For the purpose we have now several platforms as under . On some you can enter broad parametrs of your CV, links to your Profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook etc. as well as engage with us via various options. This way you can raise your visibility - both with us as well as on various other Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc. regularly monitored by all Professional recruiters now.

We also post Middle/ Senior Level Jobs there as well and try to focus on people from there per our previous interactions with them.

For the purpose please visit :

And register ( you can register via your Facebook / LinkedIn accounts as well )

You can also ENGAGE with us on Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn or Google+  ! ALL such platforms carry ocassional Job Announcements from us as well ( particularly Middle Management upwards.. ) .

And, if you have a Special Career Achievement to talk about, feel free to tell us about the same. We may feature it in our " Stand Outs " Section. That will certainly help us in evaluation of your profile for relevant openings.

Have a Career Question ? Ask In !

b) Register for Future Openings

To be advised via E-mail of various Positions we handle suited to your Profile. please register with the Free Job Mail Service My Top Job offers - just click on the image hereunder !

( this links to )



c) Our general procedures

Many jobs we get are displayed at  and are frequently advertised at other Job Portals as well. EACH such job carries a UNIQUE Job Reference and a Job Title. The Job Code usually starts with "JX ".

Each Job carries an application procedure relevant to that Job. Please follow the same if you find yourself suitable and interested.

If you do NOT know the  Job Reference, then just visit :

and click on the "Job Search "Tab. You will get to a Form where the best way is to fill the MOST General Keyword that describes your Industry and Function in the "Job Title Key-Industry "and "Job Title Key-Function" fields. or you can leave one of these blank. Only ONE word each in these fields is allowed. Then click the "Search Jobs" button and the corresponding Jobs will be displayed. You can read them , note the Job References ( Starting with JX as explained above ) and the Job title for the ones that suit you and then follow the procedure given therein.

You can also use the "Top Channels" Section provided on the Front Page itself for a still broader search per the Job Functions.

d) Sending your CV to us for " future use "

Simply Register at our Website .  Basic Registration is Free .  But please note this is NOT very effective since we believe all CVs are STATIC information which may be irrelevant / outdated very soon ! Registration with our Jobmail Service and the various Engagement Channels as described in "a" and "b" above is MUCH better !

All the Best for your Career !

Team My Top Job


PS : you may also circulate this link to your friends.... who knows you may change someone's life for the better !

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